September, 2023

Welcome back to another great school year! I look forward to working with the students,  classroom teachers and you as we help your child become a stronger, more confident, life-long reader.

During the first two weeks of school, we administer individual and group reading placement tests. Students read passages silently and answer questions about what they’ve read. They also read grade level selections aloud as we assess accuracy, decoding skills, comprehension, and fluency. The results of these initial assessments help the classroom teachers and I plan our instruction for the first few weeks of school. They also help us group students so that we can better teach so we meet their individual needs. We re-assess students throughout the trimester to measure individual growth and use that data to drive our instruction. Your students’ scores on these and other assessments will be shared with you throughout the school year.

We are excited to be using the Journeys reading program to teach comprehension strategies and make sure our reading lessons are fully aligned to the Common Core Standards. We are excited use these standards and are confident that the students will be able to meet them. In addition, students will have direct, explicit phonemic awareness and phonics lessons that are based on the “Science of Reading” using our new Heggerty Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills curriculum.

We look forward to reading, discussing and responding to rich literature, plays, poems, novels, short stories and articles. Students will build fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills while learning to appreciate and enjoy a variety of genres. This is a wonderful age for reading, one where the children will “catch the reading bug” if they have not yet already done so!!!

Thank you for all of your support. We are blessed to work with such dedicated and caring parents. Together, we will help your children become the best they can be!

–Ms. Corrigan

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