Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday: 3/30/2020

There are just a few tasks for us to finish today in order to wrap up our story, Penguin Chick. Please complete the following:

Monday TASK #1er/ur/ir review: Word hunt. Remember last week when you looked for /er/ words using the Mustangs story? Today, we will be using this same copy of our reader Unit_5. to hunt for /ur/ and /ir/ words in the story, “Time to Move” which is the second story (pgs. 9-16). If you want to print out these pages you can, but be careful–you’d tell the printer to print pgs. 14-21) If you have a printed out copy, you can highlight the ir/ur words, or you can write them down on paper or a white board, if that’s easier. Send me a picture of the /ir/ /ur/ words you found on your hunt using Seesaw. Optional: short video explaining this assignment found here.

Monday TASK #2: Read Emperor Penguins using this video.

Monday TASK #3: Take 10 point quiz on Penguin Chick (in the envelop you picked up earlier this week—it’s in there and here’s a copy)Penguin chick test. If possible, you can take a picture of the front and back and turn it in using Seesaw

**Also, if you can, please take a picture of your Reader’s Notebook page 89-90 and sent in using Seesaw. 

BONUS (for fun only if you have time) Use this 10 min video to learn how to draw and color some emperor penguins!