March 30, 2020

Monday, March 30, 2020

Please use the instructional videos to help you with this week’s lessons

Seesaw: From now on, students will use the Seesaw app on their ipads to post completed work. I will review the work and comment via the app. Only the child and his/her teachers can see the comments.

 Reading: Lesson 14: Aero and Officer Mike (Pg. 504-521 in Reading Anthology) and Kids and Critters (pg. 526-528)

Learning Targets: (CCSS: RI3.1, RI3.2, RI3.4, RI3.5, RI3.6, RI3.8, RI3.10, RF3.3c, RF3.4a, RF3.4b, RF3.4c, SL3.2, L3.4b, L3.4c) This week, students will read the informational text, Aero and Officer Mike. Students will consider, “What are some benefits of dogs interacting with people?” We focus on the “main idea” of this article and determine the “author’s purpose” in writing the article.

*Students brought home a main idea sheet for this story last week in their emergency closure folder. They also were given a brown paper bag for an activity later in the week. PDFs of these will be attached, as needed.

√Students should be able to determine the main idea and recount details of the article & explain how they support the main idea

√ Students will use context to confirm or self-correct word recognition and understanding

√ Students will use root words and prefixes (-in, -im) to understand vocabulary

Monday 3/30/20:

you need: Reading Text/Anthology, plus ipad (if possible)

TASK #1: Students will learn the vocabulary for our story this week. Vocabulary is on pages 500-501. There is a sentence with each word that gives context clues. Students should read each blue word, sounding out the words. Lesson: Use this vocabulary video , which will teach these words, plus go over additional vocabulary/word attack skills. This video has instruction on context clues, plus directions for the next activity: vocabulary reader.

TASK #2: IF YOU HAVE YOUR IPAD: read the ‘vocabulary reader’ called, Dog Helpers (level J), which is found under the HMH readers app (this was demonstrated in the vocabulary video above). If you don’t have your ipad, it’s OK–don’t worry 😉


TASK #3: (if time:) Preview the skill and topic: “Author’s Purpose” and “People/Animals:” pg. 502-503. We will discuss this with tomorrow’s lesson if you don’t get to this.

TASK #4: 20 minutes silent reading: read a chapter book of your choice for at least 20 min and record it in your reading log. This can be done any time of day/evening.

REMINDER: Post to Seesaw: nothing new from today; however, please post your Tops & Bottoms worksheet and quiz (both sides) from last week if you have not yet done so.