Sept. 8-11

Students review our school-wide behavior guidelines: SAFE, RESPECTFUL & RESPONSIBLE. We work on making choices and developing habits that support our learning and that of others. Our school theme this year is Nothing is impossible for God. We will use this to guide us in different ways throughout the year.

Students have religion “class” on Mondays and Tuesdays. This first week, we will get to know one another and review ways in which to participate in all-school masses. We’ll spend some time navigating our Zoom classroom and  learn our school’s online learning expectations. Students will practice routines that we’ll use to stay organized and successful.

We have our Opening Mass this Wednesday at 8:45am. Click here to watch mass.  We will have weekly Wednesday Masses at 8:45am all year. Occasionally, students will have a follow-up reflection after mass to help them act on the Gospel or homily. Students should plan to wear their uniform on Wednesdays (mass days), just as we do when we are in the building.