Sept. 11, 2023

Students read Henry and Mudge. our target comprehension skill is: ‘sequence of events.’

Phonics Focus: Students practice reading and writing words that have short vowel sounds (wet, job, hug, etc.), reviewing the CVC pattern.

Students review the high frequency wordsaround, be, five, help, next, or, pull, take, until, walked

At the end of next week, students will read and bring home a phonics reader called, Bud, Ben and Roz. This practices the high frequency words for the week, as well as the short vowel patterns we’ve practiced. Students can read these stories to their families or independently as they practice reading for fluency.

Fluency: This week, we practice reading with word recognition. Good readers recognize words they know when they see them in text. They quickly read many words. We work on sight word recognition to improve fluency and comprehension.

Reading log calendar: Students should aim to read 15 minutes each night at home. Each time they read, they can mark a sticker on their September reading calendar as a way to reinforce this important habit.


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