April 16, 2023

Students read chapter 4 in The Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.

Our target comprehension skills are: visualizing, predicting and making connections. Students respond to what they’ve read through oral discussions and journal writing.

Students also analyze and respond to quotes from the story, including:

What happened was: they became a team, a family of two. There had been times before they ran away when they had acted like a team, but those were very different from FEELING like a team.
Since I’m sure this group was typical of all the school groups that I’ve observed at the museum, I can tell you exactly what they were doing.
The mystery only intrigued her, the magic trapped her.

Vocabulary/Word study: Students identify prefixes and suffixes in vocabulary words and divide them into syllables. We use context clues to better understand the meaning of words. Students also focus on learning any Latin or Greek roots that are in the vocabulary to help better understand the meaning of new words.

Fluency: choral reading, partner reading, listening to the story on CD after we’ve read it aloud or with partners.