September 11, 2023

Students read, A Fine, Fine School and One Room Schoolhouses.

Our target comprehension skill is “Story Structure” in which students identify setting, characters, plot. This requires them to summarize main events.

Vocabulary: Review short vowels and the VCCV pattern.

Students determine word meaning through the use of context clues.

Fluency: Accuracy: good readers do not have to sound out every word they read. Instead, they recognize words they already know. This allows them to read more fluently and to pay more attention to the meaning of text. We practice rapid sight word reading and put word recognition skills into practice while reading sentences and phrases with automaticity.

Essential Question: How is learning at school different from learning at home?

Reading log calendar: Students were given a reading log calendar last week and should have brought it home in the homework folder. Helping children develop consistent reading habits is one of the most important ways that we can support them in becoming successful students. Students should aim to read 20 minutes each night at home most nights. (Parents can make occasional exceptions for their child based on family commitments or circumstances). 3rd graders will mark a smiley face, check, star, sticker, etc. on their September reading calendar each day they accomplish this goal as a way to reinforce this important positive behavior. Silent reading, reading aloud, being read to or even listening to a book are all wonderful ways to accomplish this goal.

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