Oct. 22, 2019

Students read The Ugly Vegetables, and  These Really Are GIANT! our target comprehension skill is: ‘drawing conclusions and story structure.’ 

Students practice reading and writing words that have double consonants  (rabbit, full, class, spell, etc) and words that end in the phonogram ‘ck’ (kick, trick, neck, etc.)

Students review the high frequency wordsair, car, cried, funny, he, pictures, pretty, told, try, window.

Students will bring home a short, one-page story summary for our main selection. Please read this with your child and ask them simple questions like, “What are some important details from the story?” and “How does the story end?” You can also add questions about the characters or setting as you read. It is meant to be brief (10 min). On the reverse side is a read-aloud that you can read along with your child. You take a part and he/she takes a part. Students read aloud for fluency (expression, smoothness and pacing).

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