March 5, 2018

Fourth graders read the myth, Hercules’ Quest & the folktale, Zomo’s Friends.

Our target comprehension skill is: story structure. Students identify theme and character traits.

Vocabulary: Students work with Greek roots as we match the meaning of various Greek roots to symbols.

We learn about allusion as a literary technique. Allusion is a reference to a famous person, place or event. Because myths are familiar and powerful, people often make allusions to mythological characters in their writing and even in their everyday conversations.

We review adages and proverbs and use them to help us understand ‘theme.’

Fluency: Accuracy and self-correction. Good readers monitor their reading to makes sure the words make sense and correct mistakes so that the text does make sense. Students apply this as we practice and present a variety of Greek plays in readers’ theater format.

Essential Question: What makes a character memorable?

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