March 27, 2020

Friday 3/27/20: 

TASK #1: Finish your Tops and Bottoms worksheet and picture, if you have not. Please send in a photo of the front and back using Seesaw. 

TASK #2:  Take the 10 point Tops and Bottoms quiz (pdf attached here) tops and bottoms test which was sent home in your new reading packet earlier this week. Take a picture of the front and back of the completed quiz and send it in using Seesaw. Please make sure your name is on it!

TASK #3: Your choice–choose one or two of the following:

Either: read the Scholastic News magazine (date Jan. 27, 2020; cover story, Are Aliens Real?” & complete the “close reading” sheet that goes with the main article (pdf attached here ) SN aliens and send a picture using Seesaw. These were in the new packet sent home earlier this week.

Or: 20 minutes silent reading: read a chapter book of your choice for at least 20 min and record it in your reading log.

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