March 26, 2020

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thursday TASK #1: Complete Reader’s Notebook page 91 with Ms. Corrigan or on your own.

Thursday TASK #2: Reread the story Penguin Chick pgs. 210 to 218 aloud to a family member, if possible–or if you feel confident, on your own. PLEASE TRACK AS YOU READ!! Remember to break apart words (“part 1, part 2, put it together!”) If you already read this story by yourself, then listen to it using this link:

Thursday TASK #3: After you read, you will START page 89 in your Reader’s Notebook. It goes along with Penguin Chick. WE WILL only do the first question on pg. 89 today and will FINISH the rest TOMORROW .Optional:  I can help you with this–click on the video here. Make sure to go back into the story to find the text evidence. Be sure to write each answer in a compete sentence. Use neat handwriting, please. Pictures can be colored, if time allows.

**If you can’t get to  Reader’s Notebook pg. 89, that’s OK. You’ll work on it tomorrow 😉 

Thursday TASK #3: try to read a book of your choice for at least 15 min and give yourself a sticker on your calendar. THIS CAN BE DONE ANY TIME OF DAY.

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