Feb. 8, 2018

Last week, students read Kamishibai Man. This week, we practice that artistic storytelling technique as we prepare familiar fairy tales to share with the primary students. Third graders work in groups to read, summarize and retell these fairy tales to a live audience of kindergarteners! Students create their own scenery and use our version of a Kamishibai box to display original illustrations. We even include the clapping sound of the Kamishiai’s wooden blocks and the delivery of treats to the excited listeners!!

Third graders read the myth/play, Two Bear Cubs & the informational text, Whose Land Is It?

Our target comprehension skill is: story structure. Students identify the characters, setting and summarize each scene of the play, including the message of the myth.

Vocabulary: students work with the prefixes: pre-, re-, and bi-. We learn their meanings and use them for both  decoding and comprehension.

Fluency: Students work to read with appropriate reading rate. Good readers adjust their reading rate based on what they are reading. When good readers read for fun, their rate is usually faster than when they read for information. We also work on reading with expression. Students present Two Bear Cubs as a readers’ theater, focusing on making the characters’ voice and personalities come to life.

Essential Question: How do members of a community help each other?

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