Feb. 3, 2020

Second grade students read Around the World Schools, and An American School. Our target comprehension skills is identifying: ‘ Main Idea & Details.’

Phonics Focus: Students practice reading and writing words that have the long /e/ sound (free, teach, wheel, meat, etc.)

Vocabulary Strategy: using the dictionary to find word meanings; alphabetical order

Students review the high frequency words: about, everything, first, her, of, slowly, store, story, two, world.

Our fluency goal this week is to read with great accuracy, taking the time to correctly decode each word and self-correct when needed.

This week in the book bags, students brought home a short, black and white reader, Sweet Pea, the Black Sheep, that reviews the weekly phonics skill. Reading this together with your child will help him/her build better accuracy and comprehension.

Remember to also be reading each night, if possible, but at least 3x per week for 20 minutes. Have your child remember to mark a sticker on his/her reading calendar for February.

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