Feb. 13, 2020

Students read, Kamishibai Man and The True Story of Kamishibai

Our target comprehension skills are “Compare/Contrast & Cause/effect” Students will analyze and evaluate as they read.

Phonics: silent letters kn-, wr- and vowel diphthongs ow/ou.

Vocabulary: Students use dictionary/glossary skills to look up meaning, part of speech and pronunciation of words.

Fluency: Intonation: A speaker’s voice usually goes up or rises and the end of a question. The voice goes down, or falls, at the end of a statement or command. We practice using this intonation as we read aloud.

Presentation: Students practice presenting traditional American Fairy Tales using storytelling techniques similar to Kamishibai. We present these to the younger HRS students, calling “Come children! Listen to our stories! Share our sweets!” Students create illustrations in the same manner as author/illustrator Allen Say as we keep true to the spirit of the Kamishibai.

Essential Question: How is a live performance different from other kinds of entertainment?

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