Jan. 6, 2020

Second grade students read Hellen Keller, and Talking Tools. Our target comprehension skills are: ‘Author’s Purpose’ & ‘Summarizing.’

Phonics Focus: Students practice reading and writing words that have the long /o/ sound (own, most, soap, etc.)

Vocabulary Strategy: reading words with the suffix -ly

Students review the high frequency words: all, food, front, hair, never, party, sky, started, stories, warm.

At the end of this week, students will bring home a one page story summary to re-read with you, along with a few short questions to discuss. Completing this together with your child will help him/her build better comprehension. On the reverse side is a short Oral Language Dialogue that can be read aloud for fluency practice. Our fluency goal this week is to attend to natural pauses signaled by punctuation.

Remember to also be reading with your child each night, if possible, but at least 3x per week for 20 minutes. Have your child remember to mark a sticker on his/her reading calendar for January 😉