Nov. 12, 2019

4th graders continue to read Charlotte’s Web.

This week, students read Ch. 10, An Explosion.

As we read, students learn to:

Comprehension skills:

• identify character traits and site text evidence to support

• make inferences beyond the literal story structure

• understand the symbolism within the story structure and how it relates to theme

Vocabulary: Context Clues: students practice using the following types of context clues to understand new words and also to write sentences using story vocabulary. This week, they will need to apply these skills as they complete a homework assignment (due on Friday).

• synonymn/antonymn clues

• definition clues

• example clues

• inference clues

Quizzes: Every few chapters, students are assessed on comprehension skills. Most quizzes usually consist of a combination of multiple choice, short answer and independent read/response. The chapter 5-7 quiz will be coming home for you to review and the chapter 8-10 quiz will be shared with you at conferences. In addition, shorter, multiple choice quizzes will be sent home each week.