Nov. 3, 2019

Students read How Chipmunk Got His Stripes, and Why Rabbits Have Short Tails. Our target comprehension skill is: ‘understanding characters’ and ‘summarizing.’

Phonics Focus: Students practice reading and writing words that end in ed, -ing.

Vocabulary Strategy: synonyms

Students review the high frequency words: afraid, dark, for, kept, many, might, own, show, why, would.

Students will bring home a short, one-page story summary for our main selection. Please read this with your child and ask them simple questions like, “What is this story mostly about?” and “What is your favorite part?” You can also add questions about the characters or setting as you read. In this story, the character learns an important lessons, so you could discuss that as well. It is meant to be brief (10 min). On the reverse side is a read-aloud that you can read along with your child. You take a part and he/she takes a part. Students read aloud for fluency (expression, smoothness and pacing).

Fluency: phrasing/punctuation; students pay careful attention to end punctuation. We pause at commas, but we take a longer pause at periods, question marks and exclamation points. The tone of our voice goes up and down, depending on the end punctuation.