March 5, 2018

Students read, Mountains: Survivving on Mt. Everest and The Big Cleanup. 

Our target comprehension skills are “Text and Graphic features” Students will infer and predict as they read. They will integrate Pic Collage using iPads to create an example of our target skill, clearly labeled text features.

Phonics: words with –less, -ness, -able

Vocabulary: Analogies: students learn that a kind of comparison in which one pair of words in compared to another is called an analogy. It is like a word puzzle. The first pair of words is related in some way; the second pair is related in the same way. We work to figure out how they are related.

Fluency: Expression: Word choice and punctuation marks signal what kind of expression a reader should use. Reading with expression is one way to make a story interesting and easier to understand. We practice using this intonation as we read aloud.

Essential Question: Why do mountain climbers need to be well-prepared?