Jan. 8, 2018

Students read Officer Buckle and Gloria, and Safety at Home. Our target comprehension skills are: ‘Cause and Effect’ & ‘Elements of Humor.’

Phonics Focus: Students practice reading and writing words that have compound words (two smaller words turned into one) and words that contain the “schwa sound.” This sounds sometimes happens when a word with two or more syllables. We usually say one syllable with more stress, and then the vowel sound on the other syllable is neither long nor short. We sometimes say this vowel has gone ‘lazy’ because it makes and /u/ sound. This is the schwa sound.

Vocabulary Strategy: identifying root words (base words); working with compound words.

Students review the high frequency words: after, book, care, ever, live, new, off, over, small, thought

Fluency: Accuracy: Good readers recognize words they know when they see them in the text. They do not have to pause to blend the sounds in every word. We group words that go together to express ideas in a sentence. This helps our reading sound more natural. It also helps listeners better understand the meaning of the text.

Essential Question: Why is it important to follow safety rules?

Remember to also be reading each night, if possible, but at least 3x per week for 20 minutes. Have your child remember to mark a sticker on his/her reading calendar for January.