Nov. 27, 2017

This week, students read chapters 13-15 in Charlotte’s Web. We focus on the messages that Charlotte writes in her web and how all of the characters react to these messages.

Our target comprehension skills include: main idea & details, compare and contrast and character analysis. Students take a brief comprehension quiz on chapters read this week

Students have been given a special “quote poster” assignment. Separate instructions and a grading rubric will be sent home with each child today. This is an at-home assignment, due on Thursday, Dec. 14th. Students have three weeks to complete it. We have begun collecting quotes in class, so students are familiar with how to choose a “good quote.”¬†Students will bring home¬† an old copy of Charlotte’s Web to use for this assignment. We’ll have the children mark pages of some quotes that we’ve discussed and written down in class in these books for reference. We ask that the books be returned at the end of the project.