Sept. 25, 2017

Students read Dogs, and Helping Paws.

Our target comprehension skill is: ‘evaluating the author’s purpose,’ specifically using informational text.

Phonics:  At the end of last week, students read and brought home a phonics reader called, When Hen Went Shopping. The short vowel patterns we’ve practiced. Students can read these stories to their families or independently as they practice reading for fluency. I refer to this in the PINK LETTER that was sent home, along with a nightly reading calendar.

This week, students practice reading and writing words that have long vowel sounds (cake, mine, plate, etc.), reviewing the CVCe (magic e) pattern as well as the two sounds for “c” (/k/ as in candy and /s/ as in city) and how the letters e, i, and y clue us as readers as to when to use the second sound of ‘c’.

Vocabulary: Students review the high frequency words: city, full, no, other, places, put, school, sing, think, this. Students also learn to identify multiple-meaning words.

Fluency: Accuracy–self-correcting. Good readers think about what they are reading and whether the words make sense. They ask themselves, “Does that make sense? Does that sound right?”